The best place to find the right people at the right time. The role of Chrome city events is to connect the world using the single platform. Chrome city events established in 2006 located in Dallas Texas using the latest cutting-edge technology to meet the demands of the modern era. We are providing free & premium services both for our valuable clients to publish your Event or Business to larger network all over the world.  You can connect with millions of target audience with optimized filter functionality in no time to select the desired category and city LIKE NEVER BEFORE.

Who we are?

We have a firm belief that Events & Business listing is the excellent opportunity to engage, educate, inspire and most importantly to connect with the targeted audience. We relate to both large and small companies. Our teams have complete knowledge about the infographics & trends of the business which makes us different from all the other in this world. We are using this information to drive more innovation for our clients and our industry. We are continuously improving to meet our lofty standards of quality, service, and value all our world. We are everywhere, and we do all kind of work to enhance your experience with us.

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