Q1: What kind of Events do you cover?

Answer: Our events include Social Events, Volunteer Events, Singles Events, Wedding Events, Reunion Events, Networking Events, Sports Events, Entertainment Events, Night life events, Art Events and many more.

Q2: Can I know about your Business Listings?

Answer: We feature Business Listings of all kinds such as Restaurant Listings, Hotel Listings, Car Dealership Listings, Retail Store Listings, and Nightclub Listings etc. We have the right not to accept an Event or Business Listing . If in fact we find that it is highly offensive or highly inappropriate.

Q3: How long will my Listings will stay on your site?

Answer: That depends on the package you select, please check our Pricing Plans for further details.

Q4: When should I expect my Listings to be live after I make the payment?

Answer: Your Listings will be live as soon as you make the payment and is approved by Management. You will also receive an Email.

Q5: Can I make changes to my Listings after it has become live?

Answer: Yes, you have complete control on your Listings, you can make changes anytime you want.
If you have any more queries, please Contact us.

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